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A global leading, multi-award winning Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Internet threats to Network security are a global phenomenon which is why Network Box has established operation centers around the world. With Security Operation Centers in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, we ‘follow the sun’ twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure our products are kept up to date against the very latest internet security threats. Network Box provides an award-winning range of reliable and scalable Internet threat prevention and security devices and cloud-based services to accommodate different network types and sizes.

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Realtime updates and push technology

Why IT security is indispensable nowadays

IT has long been an integral part of our workplace. Unfortunately, apart from the many benefits it also bears enormous risks, like cyber-attacks and data theft, which companies must address in their risk management.
With Network-Box you protect your network against SPAM and malware as well as unwanted connections to and from the Internet. The content filter allows permitted content into your network and filters e-mails according to your company policies.

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What sets us apart from others

We are your new staff, your security engineer, which foremost task is to take care of your company’s IT security needs. An expert that reacts fast, 24x7.
The cyber security expert that takes care of all your needs in the background, from setting it all up, to configuring your cyber security system to your specific requirements. All without rebooting, downtime or interruptions of your work.
An employee that neither re-negotiates salary, nor gets sick or takes vacations.

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Our mission

To make effective Cyber Security available and affordable to enterprises of all sizes

Network-Box Engines

Customize Network-Box

Network Box offers a comprehensive range of managed cyber security technologies developed to support the
diverse performance and environmental requirements of Small, Medium, and Enterprise organisations.

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5 Reasons
why you should use Network-Box

Secure business processes

Secure Your Business Processes

Permanently managed systems by security experts guarantee business continuity. Network Box undertakes continual threat analysis to discover local and global cyber security threats in real-time.

Integrated solution

Integrated Solution

Network-Box provides a comprehensive solution to today’s IT security challenges. With Network Box’s managed security services, you can rest assured your company is getting the very best protection against the latest cyber threats.

Access to security experts

Access to Security Experts

Security experts are expensive and hard to find. Network-Box provides know-how and accessible IT security specialists.
When you choose Network Box to manage your business’ cyber security, you’ll have access to a fully-scalable security offering that seamlessly integrates all of our threat prevention applications and tools into a single, sophisticated, user friendly service.

Long term solution

Long Term Solution

Static systems have reached the end of their days. Nowadays dynamic solutions to dynamic attacks are required. Network-Box provides these solutions.

Internationally recognised as one of the leading cyber security offerings around the world, Network Box has been protecting businesses from cyber threats globally for more than 16 years, and in that time has won more than 130 global awards.

Real time protection

Real time protection

Network-Box updates all systems in real time via its patented PUSH Technology. Network Box managed security services offer 24/7 monitoring and protection by highly trained security analysts in our global Security Operations Centres. Our ability to monitor threats around-the-clock provides peace of mind that your business is protected at all times.

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Network Box has been protecting businesses from cyber threats for over 16 years, with international and cyber security centres in the USA, EMEA and APAC regions.

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